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5 (absurd) video accessories for your iPhone

As somebody already said, the name of the new iPhone should have been iPhone Video. Yes, because there’s no doubt whatsoever that one of the most important features of these new model is the video capability. The iPhone is already the most used camera on Flickr, and it won’t surprise me if in few months it will be also the most used video camera on YouTube.

And since this new iPhone has been released, we saw some really really absurd accessories. Most of them aren’t for sale yet, and honestly I’m not even sure they will ever be, but I still find them amusing.

OWLE (Optical Widgets for Life Enhancement)

Maybe it’s because of its shape, but it makes me think of Batman. I’m sure he would totally rock this accessory on his Bat-iPhone. Beside providing more stability thanks to the double grip, it also rocks a 37mm camcorder lens and a front facing microphone, which plugs into the phone’s headphone/mic jack.

Even if they are promising a limited production by August, for bloggers and press, It isn’t for sale yet, but it should be available to the masses by Christmas, and you will be able to bring it home for about $30-50.

If you are interested in being eligible to one of those limited production models, you can register on their site.

Zacuto ZGrip iPhone Pro

This is a completely adjustable and quick releasable handgrip system for shooting more stable videos from Zacuto, an indie camera accessories maker.

While I can (almost) see a real use for this accessory, Zacuto’s ZGrip doesn’t offer any solution yet for mounting external microphones or different lens.

This is of course the PRO version, but Zacuto is planning to release a regular version, which way less adjustability, but with a more popular price.
Yes, because to purchase this baby, you need to shell out a whopping $295, plus $40 for the additional 10 inches rod and $50 for the tripod mount.

If you want to buy ZGrip Pro you can already order on Zacuto’s online store.


Facton Quattro

This accessory is a case for your iPhone 3G/3GS, on which is possible to mount different lens to enhance the built-in camera.

The case is made in aluminum alloy and you can “assemble” it around the iPhone by four screws that stick out from the corners of the case. I’m not really sure that’s my style. While I would never buy a case looking like that (also, won’t all that aluminum create reception problems??), I would definitely use some of those lenses. Some of the available lens are close-up, fisheye, and wide-angle glass, and I can only imagine how sweet would be shooting a video of an event with a wide-angle.

Facton Quattro is available for sale on their site for about $200, while the lens come with a tag price between $15 and $55 each.

Magnetic lens for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

Here’s the cheapest solution for who wants to try to enhance their videos with different lens. Reading from the reviews on Amazon, I wouldn’t expect nothing great from them. I can’t lie, I’m seriously considering to try them, because I know that for a YouTube video they may be good enough, and considering the affluence, you need a wide-angle to shoot videos at Refresh Miami. And the all deal would cost me just around $30. Also they are small enough to pass under the radar.

Professional Video Shoulder Mount for iPhone 3GS

This is of course only an experiment made by Alex Lindsay. The setup is composed by a professional Red Rocks Micro shoulder mount, a PED3 Auto iPhone dashboard mount and an LED light panel.

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    Good Article! I like this post. thank for your sharing … very helpfull for me :)

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