Published: 9 years ago

App Savvy: Turning Ideas into iPad and iPhone Apps Customers Really Want

If you are looking for a good book on how to create successful iPhone applications, whether you are a developer or not, today is your lucky day. Starting today you can find on Amazon a great book on this topic: App Savvy, by Ken Yarmosh.

The book follows the entire process of creating an iPhone application: from idea inception to realization and beyond (marketing strategies and after-launch analysis}. The whole book is also enriched by real case histories and interviews with experts of each phase of the development. I actually had the honor of being one of the people interviewed by Ken. I answered questions about hiring the right developer for your project and my experience with Get Apps Done.

Here some of the topics you’ll find in the book:

  • Learn about the App Store and how Apple’s mobile devices function
  • Follow guidelines for vetting and researching app ideas
  • Validate your ideas with customers — and create an app they’ll be passionate about
  • Assemble your development team, understand costs, and establish a workable process
  • Build your marketing plan while you develop your application
  • Test your working app extensively before submitting it to the App Store
  • Assess your app’s performance and keep potential buyers engaged and enthusiastic

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  • James Grills

    I really liked the book App Savvy. Good job Ken.

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