Published: 9 years ago

Apple announce App Store Volume Purchase Program

Apple just sent to all their developers an email announcing a new App Store Volume Purchase Program that will allow educational institutions to buy applications in bulk for their students at a discounted price.

We’re pleased to announce the App Store Volume Purchase Program. Education institutions in the United States now have a new way to purchase your apps in volume for distribution to their students and faculty. You can also elect to offer special education pricing on your app when purchased in volume.

Developers will be able to choose to offer special pricing that is 50% of their list price to education institutions when they purchase 20 or more copies of their app.

  • Davide Di Cillo

    I personally don’t know, there’s is no mention from Apple about the purchasing process in the e-mail they sent to developers.

  • keepclimbing

    how will a customer know they need to pay 50% of what ? At download time will it ask how many devices the app is going to be deployed to ? And what will be the recommended process of deploying to N devices ?

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