Published: 9 years ago

Apple TV vs Google Tv

Which one of these remotes would you rather explain to your parents?

Google TV remote vs. Apple TV remote
  • 1indienation

    fanboys will be fanboys :)

  • Richard Lawler

    It’s better designed than the TV, cable and DVD remotes they already use

    • Bryce Kerley

      I disagree. Changing channel and adjusting volume have to be done with different hands due to the placement of the buttons for them on opposite sides near the center; the remote isn’t ambidextrous like the “long-stick” remotes of the last twenty years. The playback controls are tiny and close to each other, and there appears to be two sets of directional buttons.

      If they fix these problems by having a second remote, that’s an admission of failure, and a new problem, when some remotes aren’t good for everything.

      • Richard Lawler

        Since it’s clearly intended to be held with both hands or used with your
        index finger, not being ambidextrous is an odd criticism. Most of those long
        stick remotes have ill placed and poorly labeled buttons, the playback
        controls look like they have enough space to me and I’m not sure what the
        directional buttons comment refers to. The apple tv certainly fixes its
        problems with a second remote, are they admitting failure?

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