Published: 10 years ago

Embrace all your users… even the pirates! ARRGH

On my Twitter client I always have a search running for all the names of the things I build. The other day, looking at the search for SquarePik, something caught my eyes:

So I decided to play along and I posted:

I was expecting to be either ignored or to be insulted in some way for asking money for an application like SquarePik (many people seems to have problems accepting the fact that applications could cost more than free). Instead I received these message:

And not only he’s an active user, apparently he’s also very passionate about it:

What did I learn from this? Simple. What’s done is done, so just try to make the best out if. A user is a user, no matter how he arrived to use your product. Yes, I could have made an extra $1.40 if he paid for the application, but at the end an passionate user is worth much more than that. And maybe now that he sees that there is a person behind this application, he will consider to buy it.


    I completely agree, great point with the article. But is the first graphic a duplicate of the last one? I don’t understand how you figured out it was a pirated copy?

    • Davide

      lol I fixed it now, thanks. I had to reupload the image and I guess I put the wrong one there :)

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