Published: 10 years ago

Jumping in the (hopefully) short line!

iPhone lineToday, I received an unexpected phone call from an Apple representative to confirm my iPhone reservation because I reserved two phones, and they wanted to make sure it wasn’t a duplicate reservation.
So, considering it’s legit to reserve multiple phones, it should be possible to buy more than one device per person (each with its own contract of course).

During my conversation with the Apple representative I also asked if there was going to be a separate line for those who reserved the iPhone. I guess I surprised the Apple guys because at first his answer was that there would be a line for those who reserved an iPhone, then he corrected himself by saying that there will be multiple lines, and then correct himself again saying “let’s just say there will be a line for who made a reservation.”

So, for sure, if you reserve the iPhone, you are going to join a separate line. In theory, it should also be a faster line because during the reservation process they gather all the information you’ll need to buy the iPhone, and considering how slow and painful the line was last year, that’s the line I want to be in.

I just wonder if when he said there will be multiple lines, if he meant that there will be more than two. It could be possible they are going to divide people in 3 lines: those who reserved the phone, those who didn’t reserved it but has already an AT&T contract and those who need the complete package (usually the slowest customers).

Well, I’m happy I reserved my phone, and hopefully this time I won’t wait 4 hours in line before being able to get my shiny new toy.

Did you reserve your iPhone already? Are you going to?

  • Josue R.

    Wait until the word gets out, and that line will be long on the day of. There should be a super secret developer line. That is major win!

    • Davide

      A developer line would be great… even faster :)

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