Published: 8 years ago

See you at 360|iDev in Austin, TX

In case you are attending 360|iDev, I’ll be speaking tomorrow afternoon on the 4.10pm panel, moderated by Ken Yarmosh, with David Barnard, Josh Clark and Justin Williams. Don’t be shy, stop and say hi.

Here’s a description of the panel:

Before a single pixel is created, a line of code is written, or a marketing plan is conceived, a prospective app should be looked at strategically. Questions like, “What are the app’s goals?,” “Who are the competitors?,” “How will the app be unique?,”
“What device(s) should be targeted?,” or “What is the best revenue model?,” will have direct impacts on the actual development process.
This panel will explore the often overlooked, assumed, or ignored product strategy aspects of app development, describing the science behind these concepts while showing them in practice for successful apps on the App Store.

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