Published: 9 years ago

Tip of the day: How to multitask while listening to a video on your iPhone or iPod

I know, probably you are wondering why anybody would listen to videos instead of just watching them. Videos are made to be watched, possibly without interruptions. Well, if you are like me, I love to watch and listen to my podcasts at the gym, so while the video is perfect for cardio, just listening to them is enough while walking around the gym. And that’s where my problems starts. While watching videos on the iPhone, you can’t either lock your screen or multitask; but there is actually a tricky way to do it. Simply start your video than stop it using your headphones remote (click once). Then leave the iPod application and click again once on the remote and your video podcast will start behaving just like a regular audio one, giving you the ability to multitask and lock your screen.

  • @iamJeffCohen

    I do the same thing for exactly the same reason. There’s another trick to do it without using the Apple headphones.
    Start the video.
    Leave the video.
    Double-click the home button to reveal the multi-task dock and swipe right to the iPod controls.
    Press play and you get the audio only.

    • Sokhanly

      Does this apply for all iPhone generations? Or just the iPod?

  • Davide Di Cillo

    Great tip!

  • Eleonardo01

    #nice you blessed me with this info.

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