Published: 8 years ago

Wondering who is making money on the Mac App Store?

Mac App Store top grossing Look no further than Apple. They have 9 out of 10 applications in the Top Grossing chart, also strong of the newly released Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor.

I heard a lot of people complaining about the new Final Cut Pro, especially because it won’t let import projects from Final Cut Pro 7, turning off a lot of pros in the video production industry. But in my opinion I still think this new version of Final Cut will be a huge success, especially for those mid-low budget productions.

On another note, congrats to Pixelmator for being there, I love that application and I’m looking forward to post some tutorial for it on this blog.

And of course I’m looking forward to launch a couple of apps in the Mac App Store with 39 Inc. and Fifth Layer (the company behind SyncPad).

  • David Bisset

    Wow, looking forward to seeing Mac apps from 39 Inc and 5th layer too considering what i’ve seen from SyncPad so far. 

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