Published: 9 years ago

DeviantArt Muro, an impressive HTML5 application

A screenshot of DeviantArt Muro

DeviantArt just released Muro, a drawing application completely HTML5 powered. Not only that, but it perfectly works on the iPad as well, making it a great alternative to the native drawing applications present in the store. To use Muro you need a DeviantArt account, and it’s totally free for both the basic and pro modes, basic for beginning artists and pro for more experienced users. It supports advanced features such as layers, filters, multiple brushes and keyboard shortcuts. This is a great example on how powerful HTML5 could be and a perfect response to all those people who believed that HTML5 wasn’t good enough to compete with Flash in more complex applications.

  • John Fleming

    Very cool. Thanks Davide…

  • email marketing software

    Such a great application, I can’t believe it’s free. The pics in the gallery are pretty impressive as well.

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