Published: 5 years ago

Hotel Tonight in the Age of Context

I was asked by Hotel Tonight to reimagine their browsing experience, reduce friction and increase conversions.

I started from the assumption that it is possible to capture users’ preferences and understand their future plans. This way the app could focus on a smaller number of hotels more likely to be chosen by the user.

After exploring a few ideas to modify the current list view, I decided that the app could get rid of the list view all together and use a cards based interface. That could both help reduce friction and improve conversions by removing one level from the conversion flow.

I looked at vertical and horizontal swiping options, settling on the latter and creating hi-def mockups.

Here are some of the design improvements I suggested:

  • Changing the aspect ratio of the images (right now they often show just the wall behind the bed)
  • Moved the city picker from the top left sidenav to a drop down that appears by clicking on the city name
  • Got rid of the address (mostly useless in a non-familiar city) in the top level to focus on personalized points of interest

You can see the full presentation below.

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