Published: 10 years ago

Taste of Ink samples review

After being really disappointed with the latest jobs by Overnight Prints, I decided to look around for another printer. Yesterday I received the samples I ordered from Taste of Ink, a Scottsdale, AZ based print shop. I was really impressed by the presentation of the sample they provided, so I decided to make a little video about it.

  • Kanwaljit Singh Nagra

    Thanks for this, really good review, provides honest reassurance of a company’s services.

  • Kanwaljit Singh Nagra

    Thanks for this, really good review, provides honest reassurance of a company’s services.

  • Jequato

    I got the same package. Sure, their presentation is nice, but recurrent upcharges for every single detail will nickel and dime you to death. After offering me quotes for my cards, they came back at the last minute with a “design” charge of nearly $200 (for a card layout I created). Please. Taste of Ink has completely disappointed me. Ethics and honesty seem to be a challenge for them.

    • Joel

      Have you found any options as far as other companies you would consider? I need to get some silk cards printed. I have used them before without any problems. Do you think their service has gone bad?



  • Elainem43

    Did you end up using this company? If so, we’re you happy with the results?

    • sccrprncss

      I’ve used them and they are awesome! Great customer service.

  • kingphotos

    I have just got the cards for our business, and all I can say that they turned out beautiful! The quality is very good and I LOVE the SILK feeling!!!! Julie, thank you for the GREAT customer service and response times, you are all so kind and helpful. Will use you guys again! :-)

  • MCM

    Taste of Ink used to be good, I got some cards designed and printed back in 2010 and they did a great job. Unfortunately I recently did another job through them and it was extremely disappointing. Seems like they outsource design to some other non english speaking country because they failed in just about every area of designing based on the specs I gave them. The design was bad and they couldn’t follow simple directions. We ended up redesigning in house and ditching everything they came up with.

  • Joanna Christensen

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  • Gretchen Crowe

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