Published: 9 years ago

Gity, a Git client for OS X

Since we started working on Get Apps Done, I had to deal with Git. I never used Git before that, but Heroku, a great platform for hosting Ruby on Rails projects, forced me to. Using Git isn’t too complex, but when you start getting errors or merging problems, then a nice interface would be very helpful. The first client I tried was Git GUI, not really an eye candy but it was getting the job done, but still it didn’t offered me a nice and clear interface for Git. GitX, another Mac OS X Git client, was definitely a great UI improvement, but it was somehow incomplete for what I needed. Finally I recently discovered Gity, in my opinion, a very well done Mac OS X client. The interface is very Apple-ish, and it makes easier to solve problem even for a designer like me. While it had a $18 price tag until recently, now Gity is free and open source, and you can download it from Mac Endeavor’s site.

  • Josue Rodriguez

    I would also recommend Giggle (yet its for linux but you can install it on you mac via darwinports)

    If you really want to Mac version of Gitty, then there is Gitti but in BETA stage.

    There’s also GitNub ( and

    • Davide

      I think I’ve seen Gitty before, maybe I should give it a try

  • Discuss

    the project is dead now

    • Davide Di Cillo

      They just changed the URL, now I updated the link.

  • Tomasz Banas

    Yep, Gity, nice, simple, easy… and freeeee

  • Rich

    I just discovered today that a new version, 0.4.4, is out. My auto-update was broken so I downloaded the new version, and it’s actually a lot better. More stable, UI tweaks. Nice!

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