Published: 9 years ago

Rapportive extension for Safari

During my “Google Chrome” phase, I learned to love some of its extensions. One of those is Rapportive. It’s a super simple CRM for Gmail, that replace the ads with the personal information about the sender based on their email address, pulling data from Twitter, Crunchbase, Linkedin and many other sources.

Since Safari 5 came out I decided to go back using Apple’s browser, but I immediately missed some of my favorite extensions, so I decided to try to port them to the unsupported platform. The first one I tried was Rapportive. I actually almost did nothing thanks to a library for porting Chrome extensions to Safari published by Michael Gundlach (author of AdBlock).

Of course this extension is unofficial and unsupported, and I’m sure the Rapportive guys are already working on a better extension for Safari (even though on the site they said the next browser up is IE). If you can’t wait for them and you want to use their great product on Safari 5, here is my version:

The guys at Rapportive just released the official Safari version of their awesome plugin. To get it, just visit with Safari and click install.

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  • Bonnie

    Fiddlesticks, this still doesn’t work for me on Safari!

    I get this error code: “We’re sorry, but we don’t support your browser. Please try again with one of the following supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.” But I’d rather not go to the trouble of setting up either as my default browser, since I have all my complex bookmarks working great in Safari.

    Any wisdom? Thanks, Bonnie

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