Published: 10 years ago

SoFla iPhone Meetup: Eat Will Grow (I know it will)

Last week (yes, I know, it took me a week to upload the videos, mea culpa), at the South Florida iPhone Meetup Group we had the pleasure to have Ben Hopkins present his iPhone game, Eat Will Grow (iTunes link).
Ben, who has been writing software for 14 years on a variety of platforms ranging from game consoles to desktop to mobile.
In his presentation, Ben also spill a couple of very good tips that I personally didn’t know, like places where to submit Apple related press releases or applications to check your daily rank.

I also had a chance to announce my next project, Get Apps Done, a no-frills job board where iPhone developers and people/companies who need iPhone applications developed can meet each other. If you in one of those two categories or you are just curious, please sign up at to find out when we’ll go live or read our blog for more information.

If you are in South Florida and you are interested in iPhone developing (you don’t need to be a developer), don’t be shy and join us.

Check out the videos below to see the full presentation:

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