Published: 8 years ago

Tips to promote your applications on the web

After releasing an application, or a product in general, most people think that sending out a generic press release can be enough to get some coverage, but that is not the case. Often, tailored emails to blogs or publications can receive more attention than a one-size-fits-all press release. The best way to present a product is to tell a story (Steve Jobs docet), which provides an example of usage.  You want to make sure that your story is targeted to the readers of the website your are contacting. For instance, if you were promoting an app like SyncPad to Web Workers Daily, you’d want to focus on how the application can help remote workers in their daily routine, while you would want focus more on the technology and business aspects of your application if you were writing to a website like TechCrunch.

The problem is to find the right websites to target. How do you find them?  It’s easy to find big and well-known publications, but there are a pletora of smaller blogs that can still guarantee you a fair amount of exposure and they are much easier to approach. One of the things I do when I’m looking for websites to promote my apps is to look on ad networks. For example, offers a great collection of websites that you can filter by category, tags, impression and traffic ranks. Other networks that I consider a good source of interesting blogs (to read and target) are The Deck, Fusion Ads and Influads. In this case they have a curated list of advertisers, most of which are very Mac-friendly.

Besides having websites writing about your application, you can also advertise your application indirectly. How? Simple – just make sure the website for your app has a great design so that you can submit it to the different CSS galleries; design a great logo for it and submit it to websites like Logopond and share your design process on Forrst.

How do you promote your apps (or products)?

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