Published: 11 years ago

iPhone and Mobile presentations at BarCamp Miami 2009

I’m planning to speak at BarCamp Miami 2009 this weekend about my experience with iPhone apps, hoping to help others to avoid mistakes I already went thru.
I’m not won’t talk about developing but more about how to make your iPhone application business profitable, or at least not burning money like a fireplace.
Actually probably more than answers I’ll give questions: questions you should ask yourself before starting the process of develop and release an iPhone application.

I asked in the past days on Twitter who else was going to talk about mobile and I found other two people, so we’ll try to give our presentations back to back, saving you to run all over the place if you are interested in the mobile industry.
This is what I found out about theirs presentations:

App Evolution: From Web to Mobile- presented by Alessandra Colaci

Synopsis: The current app market has a rich history that evolved from
early beginings on the internet. Insights into the market of today can
be gained from exploring the past trends from various earlier formats
ranging from widgets to social applications.

Alessandra is a the CEO of Republic of Wow!, the makers of
With a history of success in social media marketing and applications,
she aims to be innovative and forward moving in developing trends and
markets. She speaks on various topics on social media, marketing, and
personal branding.

Rapid iPhone app development – presented by Auston Bunsen

How to leverage current skillsets as a web developer to write iPhone apps.

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