Published: 8 years ago

7 deadly sins for your apps

Published: 8 years ago

The problem of developing for Android

This morning I saw this great chart by Michael Degusta that clearly shows Android’s poor support for its phones. This is the reason why enterprises are choosing iOS devices over Android ones. This is why many company choose to develop for iOS first. This …

Published: 8 years ago

Android app volume to pass App Store but iOS developers to lead in revenue[link]

The Android platform has lots of software stores in addition to Google’s own Android Market, including GetJar and Amazon. The Ovum report noted that Apple “can’t compete with such diversity, but still leads in the value of its apps.” If you think the App …

Published: 9 years ago

10 Marketing tips for your iPhone apps

Last night I gave a presentation at Refresh Mobile, a combination of the South Florida iPhone meetup and the South Florida Android Developers meetup, about how to market your iOS, but not only, applications. These are the slides from the presentation: Update: Here’s the …