Published: 8 years ago

Github for Mac is awesome!

Let’s say your are lazy and you don’t like using Terminal to commits on GitHub (I assume that if you are smart enough to use Git, you are also smart enough to use GitHub for your repositories). Let’s say you aren’t an hard core …

Published: 9 years ago

Link: Git Ready – learn git one commit at a time[link]

If you are trying to learn how to use Git, this website is a great resource of tips and tutorials for any level, from beginner to advanced. 

Published: 9 years ago

Tower, a new Mac client for Git

I know, I know, enough with these Git clients, use that damn Terminal app! I see your point but for a lot of designers and non-terminal people, having a user-friendly client can be a great way to be introduced to Git. A few weeks …

Published: 9 years ago

Gity, a Git client for OS X

Since we started working on Get Apps Done, I had to deal with Git. I never used Git before that, but Heroku, a great platform for hosting Ruby on Rails projects, forced me to. Using Git isn’t too complex, but when you start getting …