Published: 8 years ago

Tablets, before and after the iPad

Via @ReiVersuri

Published: 9 years ago

App Savvy: Turning Ideas into iPad and iPhone Apps Customers Really Want

If you are looking for a good book on how to create successful iPhone applications, whether you are a developer or not, today is your lucky day. Starting today you can find on Amazon a great book on this topic: App Savvy, by Ken …

Published: 9 years ago

10 Marketing tips for your iPhone apps

Last night I gave a presentation at Refresh Mobile, a combination of the South Florida iPhone meetup and the South Florida Android Developers meetup, about how to market your iOS, but not only, applications. These are the slides from the presentation: Update: Here’s the …

Published: 9 years ago

How to use Pikchur on Twitterrific for iPad

The Twitter client situation for iPad is still kinda sad. Not a lot of players and not a lot of quality, mostly because not many developers grasped the best way to visualize Twitter on this device. While waiting for Tweetie Twitter for iPad, I …

Published: 9 years ago

Bill Gates talking about Apple’s mobile ecosystem… 4 years ago

Sounds familiar? Just as a note, the iPhone at the time had been presented but not yet released to the public.

Published: 10 years ago

Hardware art

It takes more than just a glass screen and a aluminum case to make hardware into a piece of art. Images from Minimal Mac

Published: 10 years ago

Goodbye Laptops

Ok, maybe it’s not going to happen tomorrow, but it won’t be long before it will happen. originally from: