Published: 9 years ago

iPhone applications: where to start?

Last time (a couple of posts ago) I talked about the possible revenue models for an iPhone application, but what it’s the real first step? Very simple answer: the Idea. The answer is actually simple, but having the right idea is the hardest part …

Published: 10 years ago

The Art of Bootstrapping (aka micro-developing)

I was going to post a review (probably a screencast) about Clicky, a very cool analytic tool I have been trying for a couple of week, but then Guy Kawasaki posted on Twitter an article he wrote for the American Express Open Forum titled …

Published: 10 years ago

About micro-developing… again

Published: 10 years ago

Micro-developing and @ Refresh Miami

Last night I spoke at Refresh Miami about the concept of micro-developing and how it applied to Twootball. I was kinda nervous at the beginning but I think it went pretty well and I was very happy with it. Here’s the video of the …