Published: 8 years ago

7 deadly sins for your apps

Published: 9 years ago

The great Fast Company crap

This post wants to be a response to the article posted on Fast Company “The Great App Bubble,” in which the author base all his statements on stats taken out of context. One billion dollars in revenue for the approximately 225,000 apps is $4,444 …

Published: 9 years ago

Design for mobile: 8 things to remember when designing for mobile

Yesterday I gave a presentation at the Miami Design Meetup where I pointed out 8 things I think you should always remember while designing interfaces for mobile apps and websites.

Published: 10 years ago

How the iPhone 3G S will change the apps scenario

Next friday the new iPhone 3G S will be available for sale and the iPhone OS 3.0 will be released. All this will have a huge impact on the iPhone applications’ market. In-app purchases This new feature will allow developers to keep making money …

Published: 11 years ago

iPhone and Mobile presentations at BarCamp Miami 2009

I’m planning to speak at BarCamp Miami 2009 this weekend about my experience with iPhone apps, hoping to help others to avoid mistakes I already went thru. I’m not won’t talk about developing but more about how to make your iPhone application business profitable, …

Published: 11 years ago

Some people really doesn’t get it

Last friday I went to a networking event and I met this lady who has a mobile marketing company. When we start talking I was really interested in her opinion about mobile marketing because lately I’m dealing with several mobile projects, but after 2 …