Published: 8 years ago

Free round button in Photoshop

I made a button in Photoshop with an on and off state, and I thought about sharing it with you. Feel free to use it. Click here to download the original PSD file.

Published: 9 years ago

Link: Resources for iOS designers[link]

An amazing collection of resources for iOS app designers from the developers of Boxcar. If you, like me, often design for these devices, you are going to love it. →

Published: 10 years ago

7 good readings for new (but not only) entrepreneurs

Lately I’ve been pretty busy, especially thanks to FOWA and the upcoming SXSW, and my RSS reader is literally exploding; so I had to dive in for a little bit and I came back up with these seven pearls. If you are (or you …

Published: 10 years ago

CSS 3: What is the fuss about

Last night I gave a very basic presentation at the Design Miami Meetup about some of the new features offered by CSS 3. Here is the slide show: If you want to learn more, you should look at these links: Push Your Web …

Published: 10 years ago

WordPress cheat sheet

A while ago I thought about writing a simple cheat sheet for WordPress, mainly because I find myself looking for the same template tags over and over again. Few days ago I stumbled on a couple of very well done WordPress cheat sheets that …

Published: 10 years ago

Free social media icons for your website

Designing a WordPress theme for a friend, I had to design some icons for linking to the different social networks. I’m usually pretty lazy as far as social media for my own projects (the one on this very same blog are a free set …

Published: 10 years ago

What we learned from’s (almost) surrender

There are several things that I never did like about the URL shortener business. First of all, you never know how long these services will last.’s surrender may lead to the If kept their decision to shut down their service, we could …