Published: 5 years ago


I’m far from being a pro or a serious cyclist, but I definitely enjoy it a lot and I try to ride at least a couple of times a week. Yesterday I read on Bicycling Magazine an article in which I found a great …

Published: 7 years ago

7 inspirational videos you should watch

Here’s a collection of videos that inspire and motivate me. Living the “startup life” isn’t easy, so sometime a little bit of motivational help doesn’t hurt. How bad do you want it A pep talk from kid President to you Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford …

Published: 7 years ago

Where to find good ideas

There are two categories of people looking to start a business: those who have an idea and want to build it, and those who want to build something but haven’t found the right idea yet. Each category has different challenges, but in this post …

Published: 8 years ago

Where do entrepreneurs get their money?

One of the first questions people ask me when I talk about SyncPad is “did you guys raise money?” Now, while I’m not against raising money at the right time if needed, I find it sad that there’s a constant association between building a …

Published: 8 years ago

Steve Jobs in startup mode

This is a very rare footage of Steve Jobs during the early days of NeXT. What I find very fascinating is to see Jobs dealing with the same problems we startup entrepreneurs struggle every day. It is comforting to see that even what his …

Published: 8 years ago

Interview on CloudPlumbing[link]

Last week I had the chance to be a guess (for the second time) on CloudPlumbing, a great podcast hosted by Ryan Parsley about development and startups. 

Published: 9 years ago, quotes with style

I must admit, some of the heads are kinda creepy, but overall this is a great collection of quotes for entrepreneurs. More at →

Published: 10 years ago

7 good readings for new (but not only) entrepreneurs

Lately I’ve been pretty busy, especially thanks to FOWA and the upcoming SXSW, and my RSS reader is literally exploding; so I had to dive in for a little bit and I came back up with these seven pearls. If you are (or you …