Published: 11 years ago

2008 Resolution Post One Year Later

Last year around this period I wrote the classing new year resolution post.
At the moment my blog was but since few months ago I decided to move over for obvious personal branding reasons. Now one year later I’d like to go through that post and see if I accomplished what I wrote.

First of all I’d like to start writing here at least a post per week. I know, it shouldn’t be that difficult but try when you are not really good in writing in english…

Ha ha ha ha… Next!

Then I’d like to double my affiliate marketing income by 70%-100% by the end of the year. I already have few ideas about how to do it, I already started working on some of them last month, I just need to focus on them and get them done. Doing this my “extra income” would almost match my “ordinary income” and this mean that my dream about making Thirtynine LLC my first occupation would be really close.

I haven’t accomplished this, but because I haven’t focused myself entirely on affiliate marketing. Last quarter of 2008 I focused myself on one a “social” project,, and on the iPhone application business. I have to say that I’m really happy with what I accomplished with both of them.

Twootball generated a lot of buzz, got noticed by Biz Stone and got nominated for the Open Web Awards.

The iPhone application business is still growing for me, I created a small network of trivia applications (right now Ask Homer is #15 in the Top 20 Paid Trivia Applications) and a network of backgrounds for iPhone, Art for iPhone. I really have great hopes for Art for iPhone, considering what great artists already decided to join the project.

I’d like (actually I have to) improve my accounting skills. Now I’m way too disorganized and if I want to get more serious about my business I have to learn to be more accurate with accounting (or somebody (IRS) will f**k me big time some day).

I miserably failed. I think I gave up in July or so. This actually reminds me how much stuff I need to do as soon I get back in Florida to get back on track…

I’d like to finish at least one of the 2.0 ideas I had in 2007 and I never finished, I don’t care if I will have to go to pay somebody else to do it. This also depends by the profits of Thirtynine.

Well I didn’t, on the other hand I could consider Twootball a 2.0 idea, so I can finally check one off my list.

I’d like to buy an house. The main problem is where… Hopefully I’ll figure it out before April, and hopefully I will have a mortgage approved.

I’m still trying to. Would be nice if the bank will approve my offer before end of the year (it’s no going to happen I know…) and I could check this off as well. Otherwise I’ll have to wait for January…

I know, I haven’t really did all the things I promised myself to do, but I’m still happy looking at my 2008. I have the feeling I laid down a great starting base for a great (I hope) 2009.

How did you do this year? Do you feel you kept all your promises?

  • garethjax

    You did great! I think 2009 is gonna be a blast for us, because we laid out a good foundation for our projects :)

  • garethjax

    You did great! I think 2009 is gonna be a blast for us, because we laid out a good foundation for our projects :)

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