Published: 10 years ago

2009 recap and 2010 goals

I guess it is time again to look back at what I have accomplished during the soon-to-be over year and set the goals for the upcoming one.
For me, 2009 was really full of surprises and unexpected changes. If you asked me where I would see myself in 12 months last January, I would never have expected to be where I am today, especially as far as personal life. But, I did accomplished some of my goals, mostly in my professional life, such as making Thirtynine my main focus, developing a few successful apps and growing my client base.

So what about 2010?

  • Grow Thirtynine: This year I would like to grow the company even further still, which will require hiring a couple of new people in order to have more workforce to dedicate to internal projects. We have great ideas we want to develop, but, luckily, clients keep us busy with their projects.
  • Publish a top 100 iPhone application: So far I’ve published several applications that hit the top 20 chart in their relative categories, but I was never able to break into the overall top 100 chart in the US. I have no preference at this point between the top paid or free apps chart, but I can’t hide that I would love to be in the top grossing chart.
  • Clean up my digital closet: I really need to get rid of the things I don’t use and cost me money to maintain. I have hundreds of domains and several subscriptions that are not being used. Of course this also means that I have to stop buying a domain every time an idea pops in my brain. I would be lying to myself if said that I will eventually use it, because the truth is that I don’t have time to build it, and if I do, I surely don’t have time to maintain it.
  • Be more productive: Too often I get distracted and lose focus on what I have to get done. In 2010, I definitely want to improve that, I don’t care if that means closing every single communication tool for hours at a time. Sorry, next time you need me while I’m working, you might have to come here and knock on my door (and I might still not open it).
  • Improve my English: I’m sure that if you are reading this post, you won’t need me to explain to you why I need to improve my written English.
  • Get back in shape: Thanks to a herniated disk and several other back problems, I haven’t done much in the past 6 months. My goal is to go back to some sport activity at least 3 times per week (if not 5 like I was used to).
  • Do more charity: There are two things I’d like to do. The first one is to release a free application about the Alzheimer’s disease with the main goal to raise money through Paypal donation. My grand-mother is currently in the late stage of this terrible disease, and while there’s not much I can do to help her, I’d love to know that my efforts would have contributed somehow in helping somebody else’s grandmother or other family member to avoid (or cure) this disease. The second thing is to donate a freshwater well with Charity: Water for each single project or app that generates more than $25,000 in profits.
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