Published: 5 years ago


I’m far from being a pro or a serious cyclist, but I definitely enjoy it a lot and I try to ride at least a couple of times a week.

Yesterday I read on Bicycling Magazine an article in which I found a great quote that explains very well one of the reasons why I love spending hours on an uncomfortable saddle every weekend.

At the end of the fondo I knew cycling is not about looking outward at those ahead or behind you, but inward. It’s about discovering the depths of your physical toughness, and learning that your mental toughness runs just a little bit deeper than you imagined. It’s not about being better than others, but being, for a few enchanting hours, better than yourself.

I think this also explains why many entrepreneurs are into endurance sports, such as cycling. Running a startup is very similar to the experience of riding a bicycle: so many times you find yourself grinding on a steep climb, with your body in pain begging you to give up. That’s when you tell your body to eff off and you push yourself further than you imagine possible.

You can read the full article “The End Is Not Near” on Bicycling.

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