Published: 11 years ago is live!

As somebody might have noticed I’m trying to better organize my online persona and this blog is just one of the steps i have to do to accomplish that. I’ll probably write a post about the all process, I think that personal branding nowadays is fundamental.

Because I didn’t have time my own theme (ok, I’ve been lazy and I preferred working on other stuff) the theme I’m using is Agregado, a really beautiful theme with some cool built-in features like the a feed aggregator. I’m planning to heavily rape this theme as soon I have few hours to spend on it, to make it look a little bit more like me (oversimplified as somebody would say).

The past week has been really exciting, beside launching, my personal blog, I launched my new company site,, and the first of many in-house projects,, a live aggregator of tweets, videos and pictures for FOWA (Future of Web Applications).

Currently I’m working on several cool (at least I think they are cool) projects that should be realeased in the next few weeks, so come back for more updates (or if you are too lazy you can just subscribe to my RSS feed).

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