Published: 9 years ago

How to use Pikchur on Twitterrific for iPad

The Twitter client situation for iPad is still kinda sad. Not a lot of players and not a lot of quality, mostly because not many developers grasped the best way to visualize Twitter on this device.

While waiting for Tweetie Twitter for iPad, I decided to use Twitterrific for iPad, gorgeous design, simple and free. But there is a “but.” It doesn’t come with native support for my favorite picture sharing service: Pikchur. Luckily they offer a way to add your own custom services for media uploads, you just need the end point of the media service URL endpoint and you’ll be good to go.

If you’d like to add Pikchur as well, here is their endpoint:

Launch the application and tap on the Compose button in the upper-right corner of the screen. In the window that appears, tap on the camera icon and select “Change Upload Service”. At the bottom of the list that’s displayed, you’ll see “Other…”. Tap that and you see a text field where you can specify the “Media Service URL Endpoint”. Enter “” and then tap outside the popover window to dismiss it. Done!
Another good thing is that this media end point already supports twitters new echo oAuth, so no need to change any settings when they switch over to oAuth only authentication.

Now I can finally share my pictures and videos on Pikchur, the only problem is that at the moment media are uploaded without a title. It would be nice if Twitterrific passed the parameter “message” so that media services could use it as caption for the picture.

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