Published: 6 years ago

Jabra Revo Bluetooth Headphones review

Jabra REVO bluetooth stereo headphones
A few weeks ago I decided to cut the last cable remaining on my desk (beside my laptop’s and display’s power cords) and look for a pair of bluetooth headphones. I’ve been looking to switch to bluetooth headphones for a while, but only now I feel price and quality reached a decent balance. Having read many reviews I settled on the Jabra REVO Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.

After using them for a couple of weeks I decided to share some of my thoughts.


  • Design: really modern and clean. The Jabra REVO are the type of headphones you can wear around the city or at the office without feeling like you are wearing some huge studio headphones with bright blue lights (why do manufactures always think that bluetooth devices need super bright always on and blinking blue lights?)
  • Sound quality: I’m not an audiophile, but I really liked the way these headphones sound. They are comparable to my corded V-Moda LP2.
  • Touch controls: very intuitive touch controls on both sides.
  • Construction: these headphones are definitely sturdy and built with quality materials.
  • Multipoint sync: the Jabra REVO can sync to two devices (i.e. your laptop and your iPhone) and they automatically switch to the playing device. This is great because often at the office I need to switch between Rdio on my laptop and Swell on my iPhone.


  • Comfort: it may be because my ears are not the smallest, but after a couple of hours of wearing these headphones I’m literally in pain and I need to take a break from them. I usually use over-the-ear headphones and these are on-the-ear so this problem could not be related to this specific model of headphones.
  • No case: at this price range I would expect a more sturdy case than just the pouch these headphones come with.
  • Poor sound isolation: again this problem is probably related to the over-the-ear design, but I work in an open space and sound isolation is a key factor for me.

While these headphones aren’t exactly cheap at $186, they are not as expensive as the ugly Bose AE2w ($250) or the Parrot Zik ($350). If you don’t have problems with on-the-ear headphones, I highly suggest them. Sadly, I’m going to return mine since I usually wear my headphones several hours per day I really can’t stand the on-the-ear design.

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