Published: 11 years ago

Micro Developing

I really don’t know if the concept of “micro developing” already exists, but here is what that means to me.

In the past years I always had ideas that I considered super awesome or at least really interesting. But between me and the altar of glory there were few problems. Funds and skills. Funds cause I couldn’t afford to pay a developer or a team of developers to work full time on it, neither I had the skills to do the job by myself until the profits (or the funding) could help me hiring real developers.

Sure, I could have chosen to bet on my own idea using credit cards, bootstrapping or proposing my business plan to VC, but instead I realized (only few weeks ago) that there is an easy way to star: micro developing. Focusing smaller and simpler projects that I could easily manage and build myself or with a not extensive external help. Projects I could get done faster. The best example of this is It was done in less than a week using code from another micro developed project, Of course once the project is launched you can always go back and gradually add more features and complexity, but at least your product is live, you already have real feedbacks, it might already generate some profit (not in my case) and you start build awareness about your product. Remember, on the court is often the small guy the most agile, quick and that might score the best points.

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