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Today I found two really interesting iPhone related projects.

The first one is, a web application to analyze and compare the ranking of iPhone applications on iTunes. As iPhone applications publisher I think is a really cool idea, too bad I still don’t have any application in the top 100 (maybe the Twootball iPhone app next week?) so I can’t track how well (or bad) they rank. I really wish Apple would give us a general ranking table to see how our applications perform compared to the others.

The second is, a web application that lets you convert any website into an iPhone site in four simple steps: enter the RSS feed of your site, enter the site name, upload a home screen icon and place the code provided between the header tags of your website.
The idea is really really cool, the only flow I found is that you need to show the full content of your posts in your RSS feeds, otherwise on the iPhone version you would only see the summary of the posts and there is no way to read the full article.

Anyway, two very simple project that you should check out.

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