Published: 10 years ago

No-frills redesign

Finally my blog is using a WordPress theme I created myself.

The previous theme was done by a German designer, and even if I really liked it, it had a few problems:

  1. It wasn’t “mine.” My job is designing user interfaces, it would make sense to design the one of my blog.
  2. It had rounded corners. Don’t get me wrong, I love rounded corners, but, if they are done by javascript, when you try to customize, it might be a pain, mainly because of some cross-browser issue.
  3. The automatic icons and other things in the sidebars were annoying me.

On top of that, I really wanted to try a few new things:

  1. CSS3. Not really a lot so far, but if you are using Safari, you can appreciate a little effect on the top navigation.
  2. Cufón. This is definitely the most noticeable feature. It replaces fonts on-the-fly using canvas and VML. If you are wondering what font I’m using for the headers, it’s called Museo, and you can find it here.
  3. I’ve never used CSS frameworks before, so I thought my blog could have been a good test field. For sure, for quick projects, I may use it again.
  4. I also wanted to create a theme simple and easy to use for testing plugins and other things I might work on.

Well, after a weekend of work, here’s the result. Of course I will work on it more in the next few days to smooth out the rough edges.

I hope you guys like it. If not, I guess I’ll live with it.
But, if you feel like dropping a comment, I’d really appreciate it.

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