Published: 11 years ago

The Art of Bootstrapping (aka micro-developing)

I was going to post a review (probably a screencast) about Clicky, a very cool analytic tool I have been trying for a couple of week, but then Guy Kawasaki posted on Twitter an article he wrote for the American Express Open Forum titled “The Art of Bootstrapping”.

I couldn’t not noticing how most of the points he came out with perfectly match with what I have been saying about micro-developing, so I decided to write this small post to highlight the content of that article.

Here’s the 10 suggestions he gives:

  1. Focus on cash flow, not profitability
  2. Forecast from the bottom up
  3. Ship, then test
  4. Forget the proven team
  5. Start as a service business
  6. Focus on function, not form
  7. Pick a few battles
  8. Understaff
  9. Go direct
  10. Position against the leader

You can find the full article here. It’s really worth a read.

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