Published: 11 years ago

Weekend recap (Scary SEO and

The past friday and saturday I attended to Scary SEO, a small conference in South Florida organized. I had chance to meet some of the smartest people in this industry, getting a lot of value and having a lot of fun.

I really liked the format of the event because the number of attendees was limited to 50 and that made it really intimate. There was a lot of time dedicated to networking and discussion. I will attend again next year for sure, and I’ll also look forward SEM Spring break next year, organized again by Dave Snyder.

Do you want to know more about what happened at Scary SEO? Here’s a list of blog posts better written than mine:

And here you’ll be able to find some of the pictures

Also this weekend after only three weeks since was launched, the project got the attention of a lot of people on Twitter, including Biz Stone (co-funder of Twitter). I have to be honest, I am really excited about all this buzz around and I hope that all the visitors who visited the site the past weekend will come back next Sunday to twitter together about football. Today the site was also featured on several websites such as Killer Startups and Go2Web20. This is going to be a very important week for because of this coverage and because of an announcement I will make on wednesday at Refresh Miami, where I will give a presentation about my project.

Thank you again to all of you for supporting, I can’t express how much i appreciate your help in spreading the word.

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