Published: 10 years ago

What I think the new Apple device will be

I have been thinking about posting my thoughts about the upcoming new Apple device for a while. Because I didn’t have the time to do so, I will just make a list of features I think this device will have:

  • It will be shipped in a single size, with 10″ screen
  • It will have touch screen and, more important, touch recognition on the back of the case, where the fingers naturally rest when you hold the device
  • It will use a dual-core ARM processor produced by Semi PA, an ARM licensee acquired by Apple.
  • The OS will be a modified version of iPhone OS, so the final user will only have a superficial access to the device.
  • Non optimized iPhone applications will work in iPhone size windows while the optimized one will run in full-screen mode. The device will support multi-tasking.
  • It will be offered mobile operator free but it will be mobile operator ready. You will be able to pick the provider of your choice.
  • Apple will offer free unlimited wireless connectivity with a MobileMe account to access to limited content like iTunes, iDisk, Mail and other Mobile Me services.
  • It will offer unlimited connectivity for subscription applications like magazine and newspapers
  • It will have GPS .
  • It will not support Adobe Flash.
  • It will have a front facing camera, with facial recognition for the users (remember that new feature in iPhoto?)

Tomorrow will find out the truth. I know I will get one no matter what, what about you?

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