Published: 9 years ago

Your e-mail is getting smarter

Lately I have the feeling that my e-mail is getting smarter. I always being unhappy with most of the clients and solutions to manage my e-mails and contacts, but things are changing fast. So far I’ve been using a combination of labels and the Multiple Inbox lab feature to organize my email, so that I won’t forget the things to do and they won’t be submerged by all the incoming ones. This is what my inbox look like:

But last night Google launched a new feature for Gmail called Priority Inbox, where more important e-mails are separated from the rest. To do the trick I suppose Google consider opening rate and frequency of replies for each specific sender. Of course the filter will get better with time, but I’m already happy for seeing a big player tackling the inbox overload problem. Here’s a video that explains the feature:

So far it seems working pretty well for me and I’m sure it will improve the more I use it. This feature combined with the right plugins, like Rapportive, definitely are making me love my inbox a little more.

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